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I’m an affiliate now! Phoenix’s work in spagyrics and his apothecary are a Godsend! It’d take me forever to distill these by myself. Please get with me if I can help you find anything you or your family might need. Use the link below to help me get credits too! I hope to have my own Phoenix Lab here in Phoenix someday! Cheers

hi blankspace

been a minute since i’ve actually written something on here.

(blankspace is the nickname i gave ejournal)

blankspace is a goal, a frame of mind

for the quietest, it’s the first step.

for most, it’s the end destination.

I keep crawling

I keep on the path:

  • Nigredo
  • Albedo
  • Citrinitas
  • Rubedo

Jung archetypes

Light/dark – Active /passive – Masc/fem
Meditate then log after

Ruler/King/Father – masc – power /fear overthrown (failing)
*Benevolence works well : walks and talks talk
**Not utilizing team, not delegating – no one does this right but me
Deep mistrust of others , no one else is competent

Caregiver/Mother – feminine-
nurture /health compassion
*dinstiguish help vs. Push in right direction, balance,
**victim or slave – difficulty saying no, take on unappreciatied mother (shadow caregiver bitter mother) boundaries non existent.
***slave – feel guilt or shame when setting boundaries , don’t like me. Unworthiness in showering/ proving work. Shadow

Everyman/ orphan – masc –
fit in, sense of belonging.
*Plays well with others, secure in place. Group wins we win.
**ignored, left out, feeling and irrational fear sometimes, self withdrawal. Helpless to garner sympathy, feel bad for them manipulatuon. Self identity.

Creator /artist- fem –
being a visionary and creating something *worthwhile. Happy to be.
*crafted content balance creative expression
**aim or being not doing anything because it wont be good enough. Why am I setting 5he bar so high? If it’s not gonna be perfect then I’m gonna fail. Create chaos for not creating my outlet…

Innocent/child – fem
Optimism and joy, all goodness
*deep meditation positivity place, easily content and peace/forgiveness, naive intuition
**lack of will /open persuasion of others , no strong sense of self or reality, naive and blame others : not strong willed :latches on

Explorer /seeker-masculine –
Crave identity , quest for self discovery
*expand self, heroes journey, saturn returns 2nd birth coming of age, desire to learn /seek opp.
** hold onto old beliefs , sheltered , made in image of others wanted, repressed now breaking out. Obsessive tendencies, refuse settle, nomad for wholeness

Warrior- masc enables try new things and experience
*Big heart great warrior and stand to beliefs. Fights for right.
**cult leader, fights for wrong cause , brainwashed, no strong will or sense of belief. Make decisions go against self or others. Chaos magick..terrified how others see them, or how failing on new,fears.
Second guess between stage fright and erratic decisions, immoblizied with fear to overly confidence.

Outlaw/rebel- masc-
breaks away from tradition for own meaning
*out/well spoken w passion. Recognize change as good in self / controversial. Challenges the illusion, truth seeker
**defend ways of thinking going against interest. Complain vs. Action. Act before thinking, die hard conspiracy theorist. Losing reality. Needs discernment…

Magician/ wizard – masc
Thought into reality,
*Intuition and intellect into reality. Transformative, tarot. Resourceful. Seek wisdom, unreachable to conscious mind.1on1 more, have threshold till recharge.
**detachment, indifference, overactive intuition…stays here, intellect instead of emotion and intellect balance. Things can be improved upon over and over in shadow. Scared irrational fears to perform magick anymore.

Lovers/maiden – fem
*Self love , give and receive freely, indulge in things we love in life, beautiful relationships, know friend and self on deep level, emotions, venus : muse for magician
**shadow lover inability to love self. No worth value, substance abuse fixations, obsession to obsession. Indulge/guiltshame. Withold -not worthy, don’t deserve.

Trixter, /jester jokester –
*jovial light hearted side, spread joy to others,laughter infectious . Not do seriouspleasure /happiness, sponaiety
**reckless force, think outside box , makes fool of you, speaks out of turn with the king, haphazard, obsessive, risky behavior, need tobe grounded with logic. Routine play/work balance. -HUMBLES

Sage /WISE MAN -fem (other side from magician)
Deep introspection and contemplate
*thinker /visionary (require others morale to execute )
**forget about reality, dogmatic tendency to look down on others , lose patience and isolate recluse because of this, opinion of others are tough, not emphathci, not recognized. Arrogance.confidence and insecure :shadow (avoid confrontation)

Just realized I can screen cap into these instead of upload and I’m probably going to blog more.

THIS…is the statistics of my blog. I dropped off significantly last year comparatively. I appreciate everyone who’s visited my page. I don’t take this or anything really that seriously, but it is rewarding having a small space I can vent, rant, expose, drop memes without persecution. My studies have taken me deep this year. I’m trying to get ahead of everything all the time while enjoying time with my babies, it’s difficult to maintain balance in everything so this can definitely suffer a bit because I’ve been blessed everywhere else.

I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had, and the years to come. I intend to write more actual posts this year and be more active overall. This is going to be a great year! 2022!