20 – Shin – meaning tooth – just as teeth break up food, the power of spirit is used to break down the limitations of matter. It is the power to banish the illusion of separateness between the initiate and God.

10 – Kaph – palm of the hand – turns wheel and therefore we create our own destiny. The palm of the hand also contains our destiny as told in [palmistry and is said to be an imprint of the life path of the Soul.

13 – Nun – fish – Metaphorically Jonah faced his fears in the darkness Great Whale, so the Initiate must face their fears in the darkness of Meditation until the brightness of the Light shines through releasing them of old patterns that are holding them back in the confines of matter.

19 – Resh – the head – In the head are the higher chakras and the revelation of the 1000 Petalled Lotus on Initiation can have the brightness of the Sun. So specifically the Hebrew association is the revelation of the Inner Light in the Head centers that illuminates our spiritual path. We have an Outer Sun (associated with the initiates natal chart) and an Inner Sun, the Light of God which is meditated upon.

5 – Vav – Nail – That which joins things together. The Spiritual Hierarchy joining together the consciousness of the Initiate with the Divine Light and Sound in the Meditation.

14 – Samekh – prop or crutch – When the Initiate sacrifices material & emotional crutches and puts their faith in the Wisdom of the Light & Sound as a guide, their life will be enriched. It is the process of throwing away the prop of being comfortable in where they are, and move to a place of inner beauty, working through energies that have stagnated in the subconscious. The resolution of opposites.

Kao’s goes live!

I am happy to announce my participation this year in a new adventure for Kao : a guest on the upcoming chapter of the Animas Podcast.

I am grateful to be able to have these discussions elsewhere (than the subterranean). That is , this blank space.

Eddy V – The host is a gifted artist and scholar, with an inspiring work ethic. We are particularly bound by an alignment in cause to strengthen the fabric of society through revelation and practicality.

I am ready to level up and contribute the most I can to my community. That’s what it is all about, strengthening our community, and in turn inspiring and aiding the development and strengthening of our neighboring communities, and eventually the whole kingdom.

I am deeply honored to be on this magickal journey with everyone.