1. & 2. Main impulses representing the topic at hand. They may compliment or oppose one another.

3. Full Moon is the current influence at this time.

4. The Waxing Moon indicates what is on the horizon, or the approaching influence. This is the immediate future.

5. The Waning Moon is the influence that is moving into the past.

6. The Dark indicates what is there but not fully perceived, though noticed on a deeper level of consciousness.

7. The Light is what is clearly recognized, consciously.

8. The Next Step is the near future, where this journey leads.

9. MA=SoHP. This is a special message that should be given added weight.

Rays of Aspect

1. The Ray of Will, or Power.

2. The Ray of Love-Wisdom.

3. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability.

Rays of Attribute

4. The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity.

5. The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science.

6. The Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion.

7. The Ray of Ceremonial Magic, or Law.