an archive note

april 13,2016 -k

it is unfortunate,
i feel incredible motivated by anger more than anything else,
motivated to write, the inexplicable desire to right the wrongs for millions,
in the name of justice
in the name of servitude
to God almighty. thank you for everything we have and shall receive.
the world is fucked right now
it’s an incredible calm before the storm
a war between the psychic ideologies is waging while everyone is oblivious.
we are losing,
maybe not in the sense of entire timeline, there’s more awake now than ever.
but we are still losing.
not enough preparation can be taken
not enough precaution can occur
a shift in global consciousness is occurring, and the irrationally captivated
are locked in a struggle for their soul, gasping for their last breaths
pulled underneath all the shame/guilt/misery they were able to shake off for so long
by the exhilaration of their rites.
deep in my heart, i want to right my wrongs, and i want to be worthy of being
an executioner.
i want to inflict pain on the sufferers that have ruined the lives of so many
the gas-lighting, the shame, the embarrassment, i want to avenge every child and person
that has had to feel this anguish
and justify their prayers, with a long, drawn, agonizing death to the
disrupters, the abusers, the “demigods.” Enjoy  your last breaths.