CA feeling heat yet? (just wait)

According to the US Attorney General’s office, 33 parents have been charged in the scheme, and parents spent anywhere from $200k to $6.5 million to guarantee admissions to colleges. Prosecutors said that parents paid Singer a total of $25 million over eight years to boost their children’s chances of getting into schools.

Fourteen minors were among the nearly 50 victims of human trafficking rescued during a sting across California that netted 339 arrests, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.


POMONA, Calif. – Police arrested 18 suspected “Johns,” including a 91-year-old man, during a seven-hour prostitution sting operation in Pomona this weekend, officials said.



Why changing stance Nancy?


Why so many fire’s in cold/wet climate? “WTB Federal Funding!”

Strong push for people to not lose their shit over PG&E filing bankruptcy and leaving CA tax-payers for the bill YET AGAIN.

Nice bonus!

Can’t afford the train now…that was properly allocated, and lost another upcoming $1B in funding. CA tax-payers awake?


Karmazin, 34, wasn’t able to practice medicine because he hadn’t completed his residency. Instead, he said, he partnered with physicians in California and Florida who agreed to perform plasma infusions at their own clinics. Karmazin said he provided them with plasma from donors under the age of 25, purchased from blood banks.