Dear Ashton (pt.2)

How time flies so quickly.

It’s been 3 months since last writing future you.

I am concern-ably disheartened today regarding our future, not so much as a family, but our future as a nation/planet.

As you lay peacefully, dreaming of whatever your 14 month old mind dreams of lately, the world is crying in injustice. The problems seem insurmountable; as the short term solutions have caused layers of problems interwoven with them. I wish we could join in communion to address these problems publicly, and find solutions in joint-humanitarian effort.

The education, food, water, has been poisoned years ago. Roughly 100 years. We lost the world then, and many times before, to a self-serving few in the guise of School of Mystery.

We hope to procure a home with a well. Home-school you and your on-the-way sibling. We will read and garden and play in our little community and lead the change we want to see in the world.

Writing to you calms my soul; otherwise I would ramble and vent unintelligibly in frustration at this time. I love you and your mother very much.

However this world shapes for you; we will flourish, I promise.


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