Dear God

Thank you for all you have given me, all we have received and all we will.

Thank you for blessing me and my family, for blessing me to see the truth.

Thank you for all you have done and for blessing those who speak good of you.

Thank you for making all our blessings possible, and in turn we will pray for all, always.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

>digD.I.G. (CIA)


CA – DouGlas Applegate 49th Congressional District of California.

CA – Jessica Morse Congress to defend her home district which includes Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and California

CA – Regina Bateson California’s 4th District

CA – Omar Siddiqui 48th District Congress CALIFORNIA

CA – Josh Butner California 50th District Congressional

C0 – Jason Crow 6th Congressional District of Colorado

FL – Lauren Baer Congress in Florida’s 18th District

FL – Pam Keith Florida’s 18th Congressional District

FL – Nancy Soderbert Congress in #FL06 NAME SPELL DIFF

IL – Jonathan Ebel 13th Congressional District of Illinois.

KY – Amy McGrath Congress in Kentucky’s 6th

NC – Dan McCready NC 9th District Congress

MD – Jesse Colvin Congress in Maryland’s 1st District McCain follower

MI – Elissa Slotkin Michigan 8th Congressional District

MI – Matthew Morgan Michigan’s 1st Congressional District write in

NJ – Tom Malinowski New Jersey’s 7th congressional district

NJ – Mikie Sherrill Congressional Candidate for NJ 11th …

NH – Maura Sullivan NH CONGRESS


NY – Jeffrey Beals NY-19 CONGRESS, Proud Bernie supported

NY – Patrick Ryan NY-19 HOUSE

PA – Shelly Chaucey Democrat running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s withdrew supporting Ashley Lunkenheimer.

PA – Chrissy Houlahan Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional REGION

PA – Ashley Lunkenheimer. Penn. Supported by Shelly Chaucey CIA

TN – Matt Reel for Congress, Centerville, Tennessee

TX – Edward Meier represent the 32nd Congressional District of Texas

TX – Mary Jennings Hegar Congress in Texas District 31

VA – Alison Friedman Running for Congress in #VA10.

VA – Abigail Spanberger Democratic Nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District.

VA – Elaine Luria Congress in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.

VA – Daniel Helmer VA District 10 – D CONGRESS

WV – Talley Sergent West Virginia’s Second Congressional District.

WV – Aaron Sheinberg 2nd Congressional District of West Virginia List updated on QResearch:

WV – Richard Ojeda West Virginia Senate from district 7

De$peration ://RUN_ALL.EXE


  • OP 1 The murdered Saudi journalist story via mouthpieces CNN and the NY Times.
  • OP 3 The migrants heading North to our Southern Border.

**edit forgot to mention tank stock market and fake bombs all found and easily retrieved, not mailed, and not real.

Investigations on clearly bogus turns into full scale investigation on activities to be released. Enjoy the show.